Configuration Property Overview

The Java Service Wrapper uses a configuration file wrapper.conf to control the various Wrapper settings. The file also contains all of the information necessary to launch a JVM instance with the correct command line required by a given application.

This section includes an example configuration file and covers some general features which apply to all properties. Each property is individually explained below. They can be accessed by category or name. Many of the properties which will most likely be required are also explained elsewhere in this document.


The Wrapper configuration file is very similar, but not exactly the same as a Java Properties file. For example the '\' character is not interpreted as an escape character (escape sequence). The '#' character is interpreted as a comment character. To include a '#' character in a property value, the value must either be quoted (" ") or escaped by a second '#' character.

Property List by Category

Property List by Name

Properties added after the initial release are followed by the Wrapper version in which they were implemented.