Server License FAQ

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What does the "Upgrade Term" mean? Will my license stop working?

Server Licenses are designed to be run on systems which will be used indefinitely without need for future licensing. The "Upgrade Term" found in the Server License's license key is a term during which you will be able to upgrade your Wrapper for free. It means that you will be able to run any version of the Wrapper that is released BEFORE the Upgrade Term's end date. Those versions will then run indefinitely.

User Support:

User Support for the Wrapper license will also cease at the end of the upgrade term. If you wish to continue receiving our great support, and be able to always upgrade to latest and greatest versions of the Wrapper, please purchase upgrades to your Server Licenses as needed.

Your Upgrade Term:

You can see the upgrade term for a given license at any time from within the Server License's license key file. Another option is by viewing the details of your license on the Server License Management page.

My system has Development, Testing, Production, and Fail-over servers. How many licenses do I need?

Server Licenses are each tied to the "HostId" for a particular server. The quick answer is that you will need a single license for each server the Wrapper is run on, regardless of its purpose.

Trial License (15 minutes):

Starting with Wrapper version 3.5.0, the Java Service Wrapper now include a time-limited trial license which will allow you to run the Wrapper for up to 15 minutes on any server as many times as needed. This can be useful for quick tests on a number of different types of servers. It of course will not be sufficient for any kind of long term development or testing.

Trial License (One month):

For many Development and Testing environments, permanent license may not be needed. In these cases, one-month trial licenses can be used. It is also possible to generate longer term trial licenses, on request, for customers who also own purchased licenses.

Testing License:

These licenses are granted on request, for volume customers and for non-production use,

  • We will also assign 1 free testing license, for customers who own 3 or more Server Licenses.
  • A second testing license will be granted at 10 licenses,
  • A third testing license at 20 and so on.

Non-production Server and Production Server:

  • Non-production servers include testing and development environments.
  • Hot and cold standby servers are considered to be production servers.

Please contact Support for more information. Please ask us about "testing" licenses. "Development licenses" have a different meaning.

If you are purchasing new licenses through a reseller partner, please wait and ask us directly for the testing license(s) after the order is completed.

Are there any trade restrictions placed on the Java Service Wrapper?

Tanuki Software is a Japanese corporation and as such, distribution of the Java Service Wrapper falls under the laws of Japan. In general this does not place any additional restrictions over the laws of most countries who follow the conventions of the United Nations. Please see the following excerpt from our Product Export Sheet.

Product Export Sheet


This product does not fall under the foreign exchange law Sections 1 through 15(1).

In addition, Section 16 of the foreign exchange law applies(2).

1) By not falling under Sections 1 through 15, we are stating that the product does not include any Encryption
   Technology, and that the product is not a Development Environment.  Other sections do not apply to software.
2) Section 16 is a catch all section for products which do not fall under the first 15 sections stating that
   export of the product is not regulated and does not require a license because the product does not function
   as nor can be used as part of a weapon system.

Please send us a note at if you need a copy of the Product Export Sheet as a PDF.

In addition, Japan has a short list of countries to which we are not allowed to distribute the Java Service Wrapper without a special permit. This list may change over time, so please see the latest list on the The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry site:

Japan Export Black List (Google Translated)

Japan Export Black List (Original Japanese).

Look for the section marked: Region "2 of Schedule 3 Export Order": the United Nations arms embargo countries and regions