Free Trial Server Licenses can be generated online by clicking the FREE TRIAL icon located at the top of the Java Service Wrapper website. It's necessary to Register an account and then request a free trial license.

If you wish to buy a server license go to the Purchase a Server License page. A Development license offers you the ability to generate as many license keys as you wish. Please visit Purchase a Development License for instructions.

Server License Free Trial Overview

This procedure assumes that you already have an active account, and the Java Service Wrapper has been downloaded. Starting with Wrapper ver. 3.5.0, trial licenses allow you to run the Wrapper for 15 minutes. If you need more time to test your application(s), feel free to request a One-Month FREE TRIAL License.

Log In

Whenever you request a FREE TRIAL, you will be taken to the Login section to access your account. Please enter your email address, password and continue to the Login button.

If you do not have an account, please refer to the New User Registration page for instructions.


Download and Save the Java Service Wrapper

Select the Java Service Wrapper version that best fits your needs. Download the Wrapper and extract the files from the following folders: bin, conf, lib and logs. We recommend to save these files in what we call a WRAPPER_HOME directory.

WRAPPER_HOME directory

In order to save the files previously mentioned, your WRAPPER_HOME directory should have four directories, as shown in the image below.

License Management Page

Go to Manage Licenses, and look for the Server License Management Page. The server license(s) will be available and ready to generate a license key.


  • *Server Licenses: In order to generate your license key go to Locating the HostId.
  • *Development Licenses: Please visit Generate License Key for instructions to generate your Development license key.

Locating the HostId

Server license keys are tied to a HostId, which is unique for a particular network adapter. You can find yours by simply running ./wrapper -h or wrapper -h (Windows DOS).

How to run wrapper -h.
  • Open the console (Command Prompt): Input cmd on Windows Search and click the ok button.
  • Please find the location where you saved the Java Service Wrapper. Previously we suggested to create and save it in your WRAPPER_HOME directory.
  • Look for the bin directory.
  • Type ./wrapper -h (wrapper -h on Windows DOS) and press enter.
  • The HostId is identified.


On Windows, since Version 3.5.0 you can also run GetHostId.bat and the HostId will be displayed. This file is located in the bin directory of your WRAPPER_HOME directory.

Generate License Key

In the Server License Management Page, click on the Expand All button and go to the Generate Key button.

Requirements to Generate License Key

Provide the Licensee Text and the HostId of your server or workstation. The information beyond this point will help us provide support as fast and accurate as possible anytime you request it. After completing the required fields finally go to the Generate Key button.

License Key and License Agreement

The License Key is similar to the image below. If you would like to learn more about the license key, please visit License key properties. This is all it takes to generate a license key. The next step is download and Install the License Key.


If you have any issues generating the license key or any other questions, please feel free send a support request to and we will be happy to help you.