This procedure assumes that you already have one or more Java Service Wrapper Server Licenses. The Upgrade Term can be renewed immediately online from your Development License Management Page. Server Licenses can be purchased online in the Purchase Licenses section. If you are a new customer and would like to try the Wrapper you can request a Free Trial License.

If you want to upgrade your Development License's edition from Standard 32 bit to a Standard 64 bit edition or any other edition, please send a request to If you want to upgrade to a new version of the Wrapper please visit How to Upgrade the Java Service Wrapper for complete details.

Server License Upgrade Overview

We will walk you through the process renewing the Upgrade Term online for one or more Java Service Wrapper Server Licenses. This has the benefit of letting you gain access to your upgraded license keys within minutes.


On the Java Service Wrapper website click on the Login button, please enter your email address and password.

License Management Page

Once you have logged in, go to Manage Licenses and look for the Server License Management page. Open your license and click on the Expand All button, you will see the Renew Upgrade Term button, please click on it.

If you lose track of the license you own, send us an email to Include either your TSILA-NNNNNNNNNNNN license number, the existing wrapper-license.conf file, or the email of the person managing the Server License.


Please note that it's not possible to renew the Upgrade Term for Testing or FREE Trial licenses.

Confirm Upgrade Term Price

The details for the Upgrade Term renewal look something like the image below. Confirm your product and continue to the Buy with 2Checkout (formerly Avangate) button.


Avangate has rebranded as 2Checkout on June 19, 2018. From this date, all payments will be processed via 2Checkout. Please note that we do not charge sales tax for overseas, but 2Checkout may have to charge you according to your location. If you are tax exempt, you can request a refund later. When making payment, please make sure to select "Company" on "Licensed to:" in the Billing Information area. Then, fill in all the necessary fields, including your company's information (name, phone, fax, email address and email confirmation). If you do not insert the correct information, you will not get a refund for the taxes paid.
New screenshots are being prepared and will be live soon.

Billing Information

Complete the details of the person managing the Server License. If you want the name of your company to be included in the Invoice select Company and provide the information required. Select a payment option and go to the Continue button.

In the Payment Options section you can choose different payment methods. If you would like to send a Bank/Wire transfer or to place a Purchase Order in most cases we recommend doing so directly with Tanuki Software by sending an email to Include the TSILA-NNNNNNNNNNNN of your Server License.

Delivery Information

This is the place to add the details and assign/share the license with a different team member. Complete the required fields and continue to the Next step-Information review button and finish your order. Instructions to activate the account and access the Development License will be sent to the email address provided below.

Confirm Payment

Provide the required information for your credit card and go to the Place order button. When processing payments via credit card you may encounter security issues and not be able to complete the transaction. If this is the case, please contact your financial institution, they will be happy to help you.

Finish your Order

A notification like the one displayed below, will be generated confirming your order. It is recommended to save this Confirmation Order and have it in your records for future reference. 2Checkout will generate and send you via email the invoice for your purchase. If you need an invoice from Tanuki Software, feel free to request one at


The 2Checkout system will contact the Java Service Wrapper server as soon as the payment has cleared. This usually happens within a few seconds, but please allow up to an hour. Whenever our servers are notified, the Upgrade Term for your license is also renewed. The Server License Upgrade Term is valid for one year from the renewal date.

Upgrade License Keys

The existing license key on your application will continue to function indefinitely. After renewing the Upgrade Term, you will want to download the updated copies of any License Keys you have generated to date. On the Server License Management Page click on the Expand All button. All the license key(s) generated will be displayed, continue to the Download Key button.

The updated license key will be displayed on the screen. Simply download it and overwrite the existing wrapper-license.conf file. We strongly recommend restarting the Java Service Wrapper to avoid any problems the next time the system is restarted. If you need help installing your license key please visit: Install your new license key


If you are having problems installing the license key or have any questions, feel free to contact us with a Support request and sent it to we will be happy to help you.