Java Service Wrapper

Used by thousands of companies and developers, the Java Service Wrapper is a proven enterprise-class solution which drastically simplifies the deployment, launch and monitoring of your Java application on a wide range of platforms.

Combined with the ability to run as a Windows Service or a Unix Daemon, our product gathers advanced monitoring features and fault detection capabilities, making it the ideal set of tools to guarantee the maximum of reliability and uptime for your Java application.

Whether your application is web-oriented, client-server, or standalone, the great flexibility of the Wrapper makes it suitable to almost any kind of Java projects!

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  • Java
    1.4 to 22
  • 15

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Empower your Java application with a set of features bundled in a single, easy-to-configure, easy-to-deploy product!

  • Launcher

    Codeless Integration.
    Configure once, launch everywhere!

  • Advanced
    Service features

    Increase the reliability of your application by running it as a Windows Service / Unix Daemon.

  • JVM monitoring
    and actions

    Early detection of issues and automatic actions ensure maximum uptime for your application.

  • Logging and

    Easily localize and control the logging of all output from the JVM with cross-platforms configuration.

  • Events, Timers, Emails
    and more

    A set of professional features to finely control the JVM, execute commands or send notifications based on schedule and events.