Download the Java Service Wrapper

Please select the specific download for the platform and edition which meets your needs. All editions of the Wrapper can be downloaded freely. The Standard and Professional editions require that a valid license be present in the configuration file to run. The various licensing options are described in detail on the Licensing Overview page. Licenses can be purchased and generated on the License Management page.

All versions of the Java Service Wrapper are available below. The latest release is considered stable. (Immediately after a new release, we will provide both latest and greatest, as well as stable release sections. The latest and greatest release is then promoted to stable after a period of time without any critical problems being reported.)

The Wrapper supports Java 22 (compatibility tested and confirmed from version 3.5.57).

Download the Latest Stable Release (Version 3.5.57)

This is the most recent version which we recommend for production systems (what's new?).

Platform (*1)Type32-bit64-bit
FreeBSDARM (AArch64)tar.gz---3.5.573.5.573.5.57
LinuxARM (AArch64)tar.gz---3.5.573.5.573.5.57
MacOSXUniversal (*2)pkg3.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.57
MacOSXUniversal (*2)tar.gz3.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.57
MacOSXARM (M1) (*2)pkg---3.5.573.5.573.5.57
MacOSXARM (M1) (*2)tar.gz---3.5.573.5.573.5.57
Windowsx86 (*3)exe3.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.57(*4)
Windowsx86 (*3)zip3.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.573.5.57(*4)

We also provide a cross-platform distribution called the "Delta Pack" which contains all binaries from the latest version. The wrapper binaries and native library components are named in such a way that they can co-exist in the same directory.

File TypeProfessionalStandardCommunity
EXE (Windows Installer)3.5.573.5.573.5.57

Release footnotes:

*1: Some platforms are no longer being provided. Old versions can still be found in the Historic Releases. Linux for PPC-BE was last provided for version 3.5.41. Windows and Linux for Itanium were last provided for version 3.5.43. z/OS is no longer provided since version 3.5.47. Please contact us if you still need support for these platforms.

*2: Note for Mac OSX users: Please review the installation instructions for Mac OSX when downloading either the pkg or tar.gz distributions.

*3: Note for Windows users:

The preferred download distribution is the installer (.exe), which is signed by Tanuki Software and trusted by Windows Defender SmartScreen. Please review the installation instructions for Windows.

*4: 64-bit Windows versions of the Java Service Wrapper are not currently being made available in the Community Edition.