Purchase New Licenses:

How To Purchase:

Licenses can be purchased using Paypal or 2Checkout by adding them to your cart, or via wire transfer by contacting the Tanuki Software sales department at sales@tanukisoftware.com directly to request a Quote or submit a Purchase Order.

  • 2Checkout - Purchases can be made using most common credit cards, including American Express. Recommended when using corporate credit cards.
  • PayPal - Purchases can be made using a new or existing PayPal account using most common credit cards.
  • Electronic Wire Transfer - Purchases can be made using international electronic wire transfer, or domestic bank transfer (Furikomi) within Japan.

License Types:

Please read over the Licensing Overview to familiarize yourself with the various options for licensing the Java Service Wrapper.

  • Server licenses will be tied to a specific HostId but allow you run multiple Wrapper instances on a single server.
  • Development licenses enable you to deploy an arbitrary number of instances of the Wrapper bundled as part of one or more applications developed and deployed by your organization.


The Java Service Wrapper licenses are offered under two Editions. Please see the Feature Comparison page for a list of features available in each Edition.

  • Professional Edition - In addition to the full Standard Edition feature set, the Professional Edition includes a number of Enterprise level features including priority support, email notifications, event-based external commands, child process management, scheduled actions, and much more.
  • Standard Edition - The Standard Edition includes most of the Wrapper's JVM monitoring and recovery features, platform-independent configuration, ease of deployment, the ability to run reliably as a Windows Service or UNIX daemon, and many more.

License Validation and Software Usage:

The Wrapper binaries can be downloaded at any time. Standard and Professional editions will require a valid License Key to activate the use of the Wrapper.

Once a license has been purchased, it will become available on your Server or Development License Management pages, where you will be able to generate your License Key(s).

"32/64-bit" licenses authorize the use of both 32-bit and 64-bit versions on all supported platforms.

Purchase Licenses:

  • Java Service Wrapper Server Licenses (Permanent license, including 1-year of free upgrades)
    License TypeEditionsPrice (*) 
    Server LicenseStandard Edition 32/64-bitUS$151.45
    Professional Edition 32/64-bitUS$605.95
    • Upgrades to any version of the Wrapper released prior to the end of the Upgrade Term are included.
    • Additional 1-year Upgrade Term extensions for Server licenses are available by renewing the Upgrade Term from the Server License Management Page.
    • Extending an upgrade term before it expires will cost only 40% of the price of a new server license. When expired for less than a year the cost is only 50% and less than 2 years, 75%.
    • (*) Please click on "Add to cart" for our Volume Pricing.
  • Java Service Wrapper Development Licenses (Including 1-year of Maintenance (TSIMS), upgrades, priority support)
    License TypeEditionsPrice (*) 
    Development LicenseStandard Edition 32/64-bitUS$4,545.00
    Professional Edition 32/64-bitUS$18,180.00
    • Development licenses grant you the right to generate multiple License Keys for your products and then deploy those Products to your customers.
    • Upgrades to any version of the Wrapper released prior to the end of the TSIMS term are included for release with Products released while TSIMS is active.
    • The Development License does not expire within the terms of the license, meaning that versions of your Product which were initially released within the TSIMS term can continue to be deployed beyond the end of the TSIMS term.
    • Additional 1-year TSIMS term agreements can be added to a development license by purchasing "TSIMS" for 25% of the price of a new development license.

For wire transfer payments and Purchase Orders, please contact our sales department via email: sales@tanukisoftware.com