What is "wrapperW.exe"?

wrapperW.exe provides a consoleless way of running your application wrapped by the Java Service Wrapper. The wrapperW.exe binary is a consoleless version of the wrapper.exe binary. It is designed to be used for desktop applications, etc., where you do not want a console to be visible to the user. Any errors will be displayed in a dialog if and when they occur.

When starting up, the wrapperW.exe displays a splashscreen while the wrapped application is starting up. The splashscreen as well as the desktop icon can be customized to your personal usage by the Wrapper.

You should still use the java.exe binary internally rather than the javaW.exe.


If you launch your application with wrapperW.exe, it is up to you to provide an easy way to shutdown the application because the CTRL-C method will of course not work. If you don't have a GUI or something, then it may be necessary to stop the "Wrapper/JVM" from the Task Manager.

Reference: WrapperW Configuration Properties

Properties that are only used for wrapperw.exe: