Compatibility :3.3.7
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition (Not Supported)
Platforms :WindowsMac OSX (Not Supported)Linux (Not Supported)IBM AIX (Not Supported)FreeBSD (Not Supported)HP-UX (Not Supported)Solaris (Not Supported)IBM z/OS (Not Supported)IBM z/Linux (Not Supported)


DO NOT modify the value of this property while an application using the configuration file has been installed as a Windows Service. Please uninstall the existing service BEFORE modifying this property. The service with the new value can then be safely reinstalled later.

This property is only used for the consoleless version of the Wrapper binary "wrapperW.exe". This property is ignored unless a binary based on the wrapperW.exe consoleless binary is used.

This property allows you to set the display mode of the splash screen displayed when running the consoleless version of the Wrapper binary "wrapperW.exe".

The default value is JVM_STARTED.


Valid display modes include:

  • NONE :

    to disable the splash screen entirely,


    to display the splash screen on Wrapper startup and then hide it as soon as the first JVM has been launched and the WrapperManager class indicates that it is initialized and ready to start the user application. In this case, the splash screen will be hidden before the user application is started.


    to display the splash screen on Wrapper startup and then hide it once the application in the JVM reports that it is started.

    When using Integration Methods 1 (WrapperSimpleApp), 2 (WrapperStartStopApp), or 4 (WrapperJarApp), this will happen when the application's main method completes, or 2 seconds after the main method was started. To change the number of seconds, you need to change the value of maxStartMainWait system property. Please read the appropriate helper class in JavaDocs.

    When using Integration Method 3 (WrapperListener), the screen will be hidden when the WrapperListener.start method returns.


In Wrapper version 3.3.7, when set to JVM_STARTING, the splash screen was being hidden immediately after the JVM process was launched. This was fixed in later versions.

The image of Splash Screen:

The splash screen defaults to a Java Service Wrapper image which is embedded in the consoleless version of the Wrapper binary "wrapperW.exe". The image can be changed by creating a customized version of the Wrapper binary.

Reference: WrapperW Configuration Properties

Properties that are only used for wrapperw.exe: