By registering as a Java Service Wrapper user, you will be able to request free trials and extensions, buy and upgrade licenses. In addition, you can manage your license(s) online and receive the latest information about the Java Service Wrapper.


On the Java Service Wrapper site, go to the Register button located at the top. Provide the new user's information and continue to the Register button.

Validating Email Address

After the new user's information is received, a message is sent to the e-mail address provided. Please go to your inbox and visit the link provided to activate your Account. The activation key is only valid for 3 days. If you need to request a new activation key, go to Resend Validation Email


If you have not received your validation key after 10 minutes, please check your SPAM folder. Adding the email address to your address book ensures that messages are not filtered to your SPAM folder.

Resend Validation Email:

Now that your account is activated please Login. If you want us to resend the validation email, provide the e-mail address used in the Register Customer Account process and go to the Resend button.


If you have any issues registering or any other questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request at, we will be happy to help you.