Compatibility :3.5.55
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition
Platforms :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux

Sets the path to the wrapper.jar file. This property is mandatory when using the Java Platform Module System.

In most cases, the value can be left to '../lib/wrapper.jar', as set in wrapper.conf.in. If the file has been moved to a different folder, the path can be changed to reflect the new location. However, the file name should normally remain "wrapper.jar".

When this property is set, depending on whether Java Modules are used or not, the Wrapper will automatically choose to include the wrapper.jar to the classpath (--class-path) or to the upgrade module path (--upgrade-module-path) in the Java Command Line.

In addition, a special token 'EMBEDDED' can be used to specify that the jar file is included in a custom runtime image. In that case, the Wrapper will not append the path to wrapper.jar in the command line.


Prior to version 3.5.55, the wrapper.jar file had to be referenced in the wrapper.java.classpath.<n>.

As of version 3.5.55, using wrapper.jarfile is preferred because it allows you to preserve the classpath and module path sets of properties with only the locations of your application's JARs. Moreover, it allows a single configuration regardless of whether the application is launched with modules or not.