Compatibility :3.3.2
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition
Platforms :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux


Use of this property has been deprecated as of Wrapper version 3.5.52 in favor of the wrapper.console_input property.


DO NOT modify any of these parameters unless you have read this property description. Incorrect settings can cause the Wrapper to fail to operate as expected.

When this property is set to TRUE, it disables the Wrapper's ability to process console input in the JVM. When console input is disabled, any attempts to read from the console will block indefinitely.

Some users have reported problems with certain JVMs where an "java.io.IOException: The handle is invalid." error will be thrown when the JVM attempts to read from System.in when hooked up through the Wrapper. This feature makes it possible to disable and thus work around this issue.

The default value is "FALSE" (not disable) (See: Note *1).



*1) On UNIX platforms, this property will default to "TRUE" (Disable Console Input) if the wrapper.daemonize property is set to TRUE. This is done because a Daemon process, by definition, has no place to read from. If it was left enabled (FALSE) and Java were to attempt to read, then the depending on the Java code, it could go into a loop, thrashing, while attempting to read.

Reference: Console