Compatibility :3.0.0
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition
Platforms :WindowsMac OSX (Not Supported)Linux (Not Supported)IBM AIX (Not Supported)FreeBSD (Not Supported)HP-UX (Not Supported)Solaris (Not Supported)IBM z/OS (Not Supported)IBM z/Linux (Not Supported)


DO NOT modify the value of this property while an application using the configuration file has been installed as a Windows Service. Please uninstall the existing service BEFORE modifying this property. The service with the new value can then be safely reinstalled later.

This property is only used on Windows platforms.


The account to use when running the service. Use an account name in the form: {DomainName}\{UserName}. If the account belongs to the built-in domain, then you may specify the name in the form: .\{UserName}. The default, blank value, will use the LocalSystem account.



Most accounts will require a password to be set. See the wrapper.ntservice.password property for the various options specifying a password.

Error on Service Install:

When attempting to install the service, you will encounter the following message if the account name is invalid, does not exist, or the password for the account is incorrect. A common mistake is setting the account name to leif rather than .\leif.

CreateService failed - The account name is invalid or does not exist,
or the password is invalid for the account name specified. (0x421)

Additionally, only accounts which have their "Log on as a Service" right set can be used to run a service. Failure to set this right will result in the following error message when you attempt to install the service:

 Authentication attempt failed - Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer. (0x569)


Since version 3.5.8, the Wrapper will automatically add the "Log on as a Service" permission during the installation of the service.

Starting from version 3.5.44, it is possible to control whether the permission should be added or not by using the wrapper.ntservice.account.logon_as_service property.

Setting Access Right on the system:

To set the "Log on as Service" right, Go to the "Administrative Tools" folder in your control panel. Open the "Local Security Policy" applet. Expand "Local Policy" and then click on "User Rights Assignment". On the right side, you will find a "log on as service policy". Right click or double click to access its properties dialog, and then add the user that you wish to allow to run the service.

Note that the "Local Security Policy" applet does not appear to be available on Home Editions of Windows.


The wrapper.ntservice.interactive property must be set to FALSE if the service is configured to run using a specific account in this property.


Changes on this property will not take effect until the Windows Service is reinstalled.

It is possible to set account to alternative system accounts using one of the following values:

wrapper.ntservice.account=NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService
wrapper.ntservice.account=NT AUTHORITY\LocalService

Please see the Microsoft MSDN page for more information on the "Network Service Account".

Reference: Account