Compatibility :3.5.5
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition
Platforms :WindowsMac OSX (Not Supported)Linux (Not Supported)IBM AIX (Not Supported)FreeBSD (Not Supported)HP-UX (Not Supported)Solaris (Not Supported)IBM z/OS (Not Supported)IBM z/Linux (Not Supported)

If set to TRUE, the Wrapper will ask the user to input the domain, account name and password in order to install the Wrapper as Windows Service.

Setting this property to TRUE will also automatically overwrite the setting of wrapper.ntservice.password.prompt property to TRUE (in case it was set to FALSE in the configuration file). As well as ignoring wrapper.ntservice.account property, if it was set in the configuration file.

The default value is "FALSE".

Example of Display:
Please input the domain:test
Please input the account name: user
Please input the password for account 'test\user': *****
wrapper  | TestWrapper Example Application service installed.


Currently, as this property requires a console available, it is only working with the wrapper's console application (wrapper.exe), but not the window application (wrapperW.exe).

Reference: Account