Compatibility :3.3.0
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition
Platforms :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux


DO NOT modify any of these parameters unless you have read this property description. Incorrect settings can cause the Wrapper to fail to operate as expected.

Configures the display name of the service used in error messages, events, etc.

wrapper.displayname=My Application


On Windows, this property is used to register the Wrapper as a Windows Service.


Changes on this property will not take effect until the Windows Service is reinstalled.


On UNIX versions of the Wrapper, the included shell script will set this property using the value of the APP_LONG_NAME environment variable in the script.

Historical Reason:

Starting with Wrapper version 3.3.0, for historical reasons, this property defaults to the value taking over from the wrapper.ntservice.displayname property, which in turn defaults to the value of wrapper.name property.

Reference: Display

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