Compatibility :3.5.44
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition
Platforms :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux

By default, the Wrapper will log the PID of a newly launched JVM at the DEBUG log level. It can be useful to be able to see this PID in the logs without also enabling all of the debug output. This property makes it possible to specify the log level at which the PID will be logged.

Valid property values include:
  • FATAL :
    to log at the FATAL log level.
  • ERROR :
    to log at the ERROR log level.
  • WARN :
    to log at the WARN log level.
  • STATUS :
    to log at the STATUS log level.
  • INFO :
    to log at the INFO log level.
  • DEBUG :
    to log at the DEBUG log level.

The default value is DEBUG.