Kompatibel :3.5.35
Editionen :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition
Betriebssysteme :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux

Configures the format to use when dumping the configuration properties.

The format consists of the following tokens:

  • 'S' for a single character representing the Source. The value can be 'F' (for File), 'C' (for Command), 'E' (for Embedded) or 'W' (for Wrapper *).
  • 'Z' for a word representing the source. The value can be 'FILE', 'COMMAND', 'EMBEDDED', 'WRAPPER' (*).
  • 'F' for Final. A 'F' indicates that the property was set as final meaning it can't be overridden. This includes properties set on the command line and properties embedded in the Wrapper binaries as final.
  • 'I' for the number of defInitions. To help vizualize cases where a property is defined more than once, number greater than 1 will be displayed.
  • 'P' for the Path to the configuration file.
  • 'C' for the name to the Configuration file.
  • 'L' for the Line of the configuration file at which the property was set.
  • 'N' for the Name of the property.
  • 'V' for the Value of the property.

* A property, if not defined, is sets to its default value by the Wrapper.

Print the source (Z), file (C), line (L), final (F), number of definitions (I), name (N) and value (V):
FILE     | wrapper.conf |  143 |   |   | wrapper.check.deadlock.output        | FULL
FILE     | wrapper.conf |   97 |   |   | wrapper.console.format               | LPTM
FILE     | wrapper.conf |  100 |   |   | wrapper.console.loglevel             | INFO
COMMAND  |              |      | F | 2 | wrapper.console.title                | Test Wrapper Sample Application
EMBEDDED |              |      | F | 2 | wrapper.description                  | Test


You can control at which level the property dump will be logged by using wrapper.properties.dump.loglevel.