Compatibilidad :3.5.0
Ediciones :Edición ProfesionaEdición EstándarEdición de la Comunidad (No Soportado)
Plataformas :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux

Used to tell the Wrapper to redirect all of its syslog output to a remote host. The default value is NULL.


If the remote host is set, but you are not seeing any log output on the syslog server, please make sure that the wrapper.syslog.loglevel property is set correctly.

Remote syslog messages are sent to the syslog server using the UDP protocol. Because of this, any of the log message will be silently discarded by the syslog server when is not available. It is also possible on slow or complex networks that individual log messages could arrive out of order. The benefit of UDP is efficiency. Problems on the syslog server or network should not affect performance of the Wrapper due to this logging.

Referencia: Syslog/Registro de Eventos