Compatibilidad :3.3.2
Ediciones :Edición ProfesionaEdición EstándarEdición de la Comunidad
Plataformas :WindowsMac OSX (No Soportado)Linux (No Soportado)IBM AIX (No Soportado)FreeBSD (No Soportado)HP-UX (No Soportado)Solaris (No Soportado)IBM z/OS (No Soportado)IBM z/Linux (No Soportado)

This property was added to force the Wrapper to always create an internal console when running as a Windows Service or with the consoleless version of the Wrapper binary "wrapperW.exe".

The default value is "TRUE".



The console is needed for the thread dumping initiating from the Wrapper process to function correctly.


Changes to the value of this property will not have any affect on the Wrapper if the configuration is reloaded. The Wrapper must be restarted for changes to take effect.

Referencia: Consola