This procedure assumes you have been already registered as a Java Service Wrapper user. If you forgot your password we will walk you through this step by step procedure to Request and Change your Password.

Password Reset

You can access the reset page by visiting Forgot Your Password? which can be found in the Login Page.

Request Password Change

You can reset your password now by clicking on the following link Request Password Change. A message like the following is displayed. Provide the same email address used when you first registered as a Java Service Wrapper user and continue to the Send button.


Please check your inbox and look for an email notification with complete details to set up your new password. Visit the link included in the notification to complete your request.

If you can not access the link previously mentioned, please use the URL provided. A Validation Code was also sent, it will be needed in the following step.

New Password

Once you visit the link/URL enter your email address, the validation code and your new password. Please make sure the Validation Code is correct, confirm your password and continue to the Update button.

New Password Confirmation

A notification will be sent to you, confirming that your password has been changed/activated. The notification looks something like the message below. You can now use your new password and access your account.


If you have any issues resetting your password or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us with a support request at we will be happy to help you.