Compatibilidad :3.1.0
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DO NOT modify any of these parameters unless you have read this property description. Incorrect settings can cause the Wrapper to fail to operate as expected.

The Java component of Java Service Wrapper requires that a native library be loaded to be able to handle system signals and perform other functions which are not possible using the Java API. This property allows the name of the library to be modified to suit the needs of a particular application. In general, most users should not need to use this property.

The Java language specifies some rules about how Java Native Libraries (JNI) can be named. The Wrapper's library is no exception and must follow these naming conventions.

To explain this, we will use the default base name "wrapper" as an example.

  • On Windows systems, the library file name will be "wrapper.dll".
  • On Mac OSX systems, the library file name will be "libwrapper.jnilib".
  • And on all other Linux/UNIX platforms, the library file name will be "libwrapper.so".

If this property is given any other value, that base-name will be used to construct the actual name of the native library file using the above rules.

Library Path:

Regardless of the name specified, the native library must be located within a directory specified using the wrapper.java.library.path.<n> property.

Platform specific native libraries:

The Wrapper also provides a facility to make it easy to create binary distributions that run on any platform, even if the application makes use of native libraries. In detail, see the Platform specific native libraries.

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