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wrapper.logdialog.lines Property


Compatibilidad :3.3.1
Ediciones :Edición ProfesionaEdición EstándarEdición de la Comunidad (No Soportado)
Plataformas :WindowsMac OSX (No Soportado)Linux (No Soportado)IBM AIX (No Soportado)FreeBSD (No Soportado)HP-UX (No Soportado)Solaris (No Soportado)IBM z/OS (No Soportado)IBM z/Linux (No Soportado)

This property is only used for the consoleless version of the Wrapper binary "wrapperW.exe".

The log dialog works by storing the most recent N log entries in memory and displaying them in a popup dialog when the Wrapper exits in an error state and the "wrapperW.exe" binary is shutdown.

This property controls the maximum number of output lines of the dialog display. All log information can still be logged to file so the full log should not be necessary in the dialog.

The default value is "50", with valid values in the range of "1-256".

Example (50 lines) :


The log dialog is displayed by the consoleless version of the Wrapper binary "wrapperW.exe" when the Wrapper exits in an error state and the wrapperW.exe binary is shutdown. The wrapperW.exe binary is shipped with the Windows versions of the Wrapper Professional and Standard Editions and allows the Wrapper to be run as a consoleless Windows application without a visible console window.

Referencia: Propriedades de Configuración WrapperW

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