Compatibilidad :3.3.0
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DO NOT modify the value of this property while an application using the configuration file has been installed as a Windows Service. Please uninstall the existing service BEFORE modifying this property. The service with the new value can then be safely reinstalled later.

This property is only used on Windows platforms.

The Wrapper is able to initiate a thread dump in response to a user defined control code when running as a Windows Service. This property makes it possible to specify which code to use, or even to disable this feature, to meet the needs of a specific application. The default value is "255", with valid values in the range of "128-255", or "0" (zero) to disable.


It is only possible to request thread dumps using service control codes when the service is running as a Windows Service. This property has no effect when running in console mode.

There are three ways to initiate a thread dump on a running service using the control code.

  • The first is to use Wrapper's dump command "-d" as follows:
    Command Example:
    wrapper.exe -d ..\conf\wrapper.conf
  • The second is to use Wrapper's ability to send an arbitrary service command as follows:
    Command Example:
    wrapper.exe -l=255 ..\conf\wrapper.conf
  • The third is to use standard Windows commandline tools to send the code:
    Command Example:
    sc control myapp 255

It is also possible to send the control code programmatically using the appropriate Windows APIs.