Compatibilidad :3.3.1
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Plataformas :WindowsMac OSX (No Soportado)Linux (No Soportado)IBM AIX (No Soportado)FreeBSD (No Soportado)HP-UX (No Soportado)Solaris (No Soportado)IBM z/OS (No Soportado)IBM z/Linux (No Soportado)

This property is only used on Windows platforms.

This property controls whether or not the Wrapper will respond to Windows "LogOff" events when running in console mode. The default value is "FALSE".

If the property value is set to FALSE (= not ignore), this will NOT allow you to keep the Wrapper running after the user logs off when running in a console window.

Rather TRUE (= ignore) value is used in rare cases where the Wrapper is launched in the background by other services.



If this property is set to TRUE (= ignore) for the Wrapper being run from within a Windows Command Prompt, Windows will not be able to logout as it will wait for the Wrapper to exit.

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