Compatibilidad :3.5.38
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Plataformas :WindowsMac OSX (No Soportado)Linux (No Soportado)IBM AIX (No Soportado)FreeBSD (No Soportado)HP-UX (No Soportado)Solaris (No Soportado)IBM z/OS (No Soportado)IBM z/Linux (No Soportado)

When the user logs off from a Windows session (or shuts down/restart the system), Windows will send a notification that any running program can catch, giving them a chance the stop cleanly. The Wrapper also catches this notification and, in response, requests a clean shutdown of the JVM.

If the process of stopping the Wrapper and the Java application takes some time, Windows will show a screen entitled "Closing apps and shutting down/restarting" which displays an icon and a description for the pending Wrapper process, along with other applications that may also prevent the system shutdown.

This property can be used to change the description displayed while the Wrapper is stopping and blocking a user log off.

The default value is "Waiting for the Wrapper to shutdown.".

wrapper.user_logoffs.message=Waiting for MyApp to exit.


This property is only used when running the Wrapper as a console application or with wrapperW.exe. Windows services respond to different system notifications and don't show the description set by this property. If you need to give enough time for a service to shutdown cleanly, please consider using the wrapper.ntservice.preshutdown.* properties.

Note that this property is ignored on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 as the APIs don't allow to change the blocking reason on these systems.