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wrapper.timezone Property


Compatibility :3.3.6
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition (Not Supported)
Platforms :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux

The timezone property makes it possible to define the time zone in which the Wrapper will be executed.

The time zone can be specified with either the offical abbreviation code (e.g. MST, GMT, JST, etc.) or the UTC notation instead (UTC(+/-)xxxx). The plus(+) sign is not mandatory when setting to an offset greater "0" (zero). Please have a look at the Supported Timezone Table and the Abbreviation Code below for a full overview about the available timezones.

If the time zone property is not set or set incorrectly, the Wrapper will be started by default in the local system's time zone.

Examples on defining the Timezone:
wrapper.timezone=CET        //Set the Timezone to Central European Time
wrapper.timezone=UTC+0100   //Set the Timezone to UTC+01
wrapper.timezone=UTC-0530   //Set the Timezone to UTC-0530 (-5 hours and 30 minutes offset to UTC) 


Changing the timezone will affect the timestamps in all log output (in Standard and Professional Editions), as well as the wrapper.timer.<n>.interval property and the Mail Settings (in Professional Edition).


Compatibility :3.3.7
Editions :Professional EditionStandard EditionCommunity Edition (Not Supported)
Platforms :WindowsMac OSXLinuxIBM AIXFreeBSDHP-UXSolarisIBM z/OSIBM z/Linux

Sometimes you want to turn off Summer (Daylight Savings) Time for some reasons like having the Wrapper run on different servers in different timezones and keeping the log files with the same timesstamp, without changing the System's timezone. With this property, you can specify whether the Wrapper will change the timezone information to Summer(Daylight)/Winter Time automatically, if the wrapper.timezone property has been set.

The default value is "TRUE".

Example: (Enable the time change to Summer/Winter Time)


If a timezone doesn't use Summer Time, this property will be effectless. This also means that the Wrapper won't respect the property if the timezone was defined with "UTC+/-xxxx". Also when a Summer (Daylight) Time has been defined for wrapper.timezone, this property also has no effect.

List of the supported timezone abbreviations

NameOffset to UTC0 in hoursDescription
IDLW -12.0 International Date Line West
HAST -10.0 Hawaii Standard Time*
HDT -9.0 Hawaii Daylight Time**
AKST -9.0 Alaska Standard Time*
AKDT -8.0 Alaska Daylight Time**
YST -9.0 Yukon Standard Time*
YDT -8.0 Yukon Daylight Time**
PST -8.0 Pacific Standard Time*
PT -8.0 Pacific Time*
PDT -7.0 Pacific Daylight Time**
MST -7.0 Mountain Standard Time*
MDT -6.0 Mountain Daylight Time**
CST -6.0 Central Standard Time*
CDT -5.0 Central Daylight Time**
EST -5.0 Eastern Standard Time*
VST -4.5 Venezuelan Standard Time
EDT -4.0 Eastern Daylight Time**
AST -4.0 Atlantic Standard Time*
ADT -3.0 Atlantic Daylight Time**
NST -3.5 Newfoundland Standard Time*
NDT -2.5 Newfoundland Daylight Time**
GMT 0 Greenwich Mean Time*
WET 0 West European Time*
WEST +1.0 West European Summer Time**
WEDT +1.0 West European Daylight Time**
BST +1.0 British Summer Time**
WAT +1.0 West African Time
CET +1.0 Central European Time*
CEST +2.0 Central European Summer Time**
CEDT +2.0 Central European Daylight Time**
EET +2.0 East European Time*
EEST +3.0 East European Summer Time**
EAT +3.0 East African Time
BT +3.0 Bagdad Time
MSK +3.0 Moscow Time*
MSD +4.0 Moscow Daylight Time**
IRT +3.5 Iran Time*
IRST +4.5 Iran Summer Time**
IST +5.5 Indian Standard Time
ICT +7.0 Indochina Time
KRAT +7.0 Krasnoyarsk Time*
KRAST +8.0 Krasnoyarsk Summer Time**
CNST +8.0 China Standard Time
ULAT +8.0 Ulaanbaatar Time
CIT +8.0 Central Indonesian Time
MYT +8.0 Malaysian Time
SGT +8.0 Singapore Time
PHT +8.0 Philippine Time
IRKT +8.0 Irkutsk Time*
IRKST +9.0 Irkutsk Summer Time**
AWST +8.0 Australian West Standard Time
AWDT +9.0 Australian West Daylight Time
JST +9.0 Japan Standard Time
CHOT +9.0 Choibalsan Time
EIT +9.0 East Indonesian Time
ACST +9.5 Australian Central Standard Time*
ACDT +10.5 Australian Central Daylight Time**
AEST +10.0 Australian East Standard Time*
AEDT +11.0 Australian East Daylight Time**
NFT +11.5 Norfolk Time
IDLE +12.0 International Date Line East
NZST +12.0 New Zealand Standard Time*
NZDT +13.0 New Zealand Daylight Time**

* Timezone has a summer/winter time

** Summer/Daylight Savings time